Hi we’re the neighbourhood kids a podcast show from amplified whispers. And today we want to talk to you about Our flag, the nepali flag.

Nepal is one of the first countries in the world to have their own flag. Many years ago, the leaders of the world gathered in one place and they all sort of said, 'Oh, in order to be a national flag you have to be rectangular’. and Nepal said, 'No actually we're quite happy with our traditionally shaped flags.' Hindu flags are triangular.

The designer of Nepal flag is unknown, but it is believed that it may have been designed by Ranas, a kingdom that once ruled Nepal from 1846 until 1951. The Nepal flag was officially adopted on December 16, 1962, and it's the only national flag that's not a rectangle or square.

Why the shape ? Bi-triangular shape of the Nepali flag has been in use for several thousands of years and associated with Hinduism. You can still see single triangular and bi-triangular flag used in Hindu ceremonies. The flag's shape could also symbolize a Nepalese pagoda, a tiered tower with multiple eaves, built in traditions originating in historic South Asia. As noted by local Nepalese, placing a mirror at the side of the flag closest to the flagpole will generate an image of a pagoda

Red being the national colour , the colour of the rhododendrons (the national flower of Nepal) as well as the sign of victory in war while the blue border is the colour of peace