"I believe stories have the power to eliminate discrimination by engaging our communities and sparking new impactful conversations & ideas"

She had walked 3 kilometres to come to school that morning; shes considered quite lucky in the mountains. Five years ago her school hadn't been built. She would of had to walk 5 hours to the nearest school, sleep in a hostel during the week and walk back home to her family on weekends. Sadly, its not out of the ordinary, many of her classmates do it.

At her age my mom drove me to my bus stop, 200 m away.

"Education should always be accessible no matter who you are or where you come from."

I spent the last few days documenting alongside the Pahar Trust, a charity thats built dozens of schools in rural communities of Nepal. We stayed in one of the first school they've ever built back in 1993 and went to the open ceremony to start the building of their first medical center.

I'm so exited to share what I've documented and the pictures I've taken with you these upcoming days. What has touched me most has been taking pictures of kids that are looking to be sponsored after new years. The earthquake has caused such long term devastation, having to use the family budget to build new roofs instead of paying for education. Ill be sharing their stories soon