I was frozen, I was tired, I was thirsty and I suffered.

The comfort zone is a deadly space. I believe people thrive in the most extreme environments, however you may define it. To explore outside this space builds resilience and character. For me, summiting Lobuche was a journey within myself, the steps we had to take weren't simply physical, the battle was taking place in our minds and souls.

April 7, 2017

The altitude made it so every breath and every step was getting further to the finish line. These feelings where temporary but the value was deeply personal. We woke up at 1:30am, in -20C temperatures. We climbed for several hours through the night, our fingers feeling numb.

At first, the drive to summit was ego driven but as the hours ticked past, it became a journey within myself. At altitudes of over 6000m, the human body cannot adapt to the thin air. Your breath becomes the only thing in your body, your heart focuses on breathing in whilst your mind focuses on breathing out.

The Summit was a explosion of emotions. I somehow ran through the last 10 movements, climbed over the edge, fell on my back and bawled on everything I felt. These moments aren't meant to be experienced alone and so @gabcarriere who is somehow always crazy enough to believe in my crazy dreams shared the biggest adventures of our lives.