Changing the world a story at a time /// Stories of Changed Lives

We all enjoy a good story, whether it be a novel, a film, or simply a friend sharing a personal moment. Stories make us think, they make us believe & they make us care; but most importantly, they make us fall in love. Kites Workshop Apparel is crafted from incredible stories, stories that inspired us to do what we do today.

Chapter 1 - Prologue :

At 18 years old I asked myself : “What is the one thing I could do for the next year to gain the most knowledge about the world around me, my values & aptitudes but most importantly to be thankful for what I have”. Of course the answer was obvious, to travel to uncharted places with a open mind, to embraces every culture & to learn from others ideas. I spent over a month living and learning with the desert people, a full week in the middle of the Thar desert, as well as to live with the Tibetan in Ladakh India at altitudes of over 3500m. Living at these 2 extremes conditions, with communities where sustainability wasn't a choice but a way of life I was able to gain some necessary skills I would need.I know I wanted to create a impact, something big, but was unsure how I myself could affect those affected by extreme poverty or lack of help.

On december 8th, 2014, a friend & I set for the biggest adventure of our lives. Our mission was simple, we had to deliver winter hats, medication, school & sport supplies to over 500 kids living in one of the poorest & highest areas on earth. The targeted location was a isolated village in western Nepal within the poorest district, where not even a single foreigner had set feet before. We got there with the teenage boys playing with a deflated soccer ball to finally join them in a match with our new balls we brought for them. We didn't last very long since we where in altitude nor could we communicate for our nepali consisted of a dozen words but through each others smiles… we got the message.

After we left the village we trekked trough the jungles and mountains of western Nepal to Rara Lake, a beautiful sight. As me and Gabriel left the next morning to catch a small plane which was set to bring us back to the city we missed the last flight of the day. The next morning we woke up to a blizzard and quickly came to realization that we where stuck, real STUCK. After spending over a week in harsh conditions which we weren't prepared for we where evacuated by helicopter. This time that we spent in the mountains gave me the time to reflect on how I could bring a impact to these communities. I realized… as great as the mission was, I knew this wasn't the longtime answer to the problems these communities face, sustainability was the answer. After reflecting what we learnt after our mission project we set to create something that would reflect our answer.

Our answer is… To create a collection of sustainable products, handmade ethically by lower class Nepalese, with eco materials and textiles and giving back to the community while keeping YOU aware of the entire process. From the materials themselves, to the making all the way to the giving this model is based on sustainability & giving back.

Originated from a simple idea of creating something that matters to turn into a powerful project we now call Kites Workshop Apparel.

Chapter 2 - The Beginning :

The Problem:

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a Human Development Index of 0.463. Villages can often be at a 7 days walking/trekking distance from the rest of civilization. Often these villages to not have any electricity or very limited. This can come with large scale health issues, communicating & managing issues contributing to larger scale governmental problems.

The Solution:

The team at Kites works closely rural & social development experts to maximize the impact we can make. Working alongside these professionals makes it possible to create the most cost effective sustainable impacts by monitoring geographically & socially selected regions. Our solution is sustainability, start to finish.

Chapter 3 - Our Dream

  • Changing lives + making a impact by increasing there ways of life
  • Inspire others as others inspired us

Raise awareness of the current social situations in isolated communities

Chapter 4: Sustainibility

Our philosophy:

Who are we to judge what these people do and do not need without being able to fully understand their ways of life, culture and daily commutes. If i see a child playing with a plastic bag kite, weather then feeling bad for him and bringing him a brand new quality kite, encourage him to share with us and to support his creative sense . By having this mentality towards our giving, we can take out their sense of reliability to third parties to work alongside us in creating a better life for them.

Chapter 5 - Our Impacts:

Our Cause

Sustainability Projects :

  • Rain Water collection infrastructure, working with the isolated communities in altitude suffering from lack of overall water.
  • Campaigns to encourage and promote micro entrepreneurship while giving back to your community in efforts to encourage youth to be inspired by KWA.
  • New Updated text books in High schools

Our Actions

Our Project Page : Keeping updated detailed blog post filled with media content

Methods we use measuring GOOD : All of our projects are directly done through us, our R&D department insures we are creating the maximum impact, we do not give funds to third party. We collaborate with certain individuals in informative technologies and resources but when it comes to giving back, our team will insure we do the best GOOD.

Where does your money go? ( other then having a sweet product from us)
Our team goes on sustainability infrastructure and resources social giving mission
Ethically Correct manufacturing process
Providing a safe workplace to our nepalese workers

Why for profit ? Kites Workshop is a for profit business; we believe this will benefit our working progress by being able to optimize quick decision making. We will be able to accomplish more while having a clear path of our current mission. As a current individual ownership structure, things can get accomplished fast and effectively. We rely on our products for growth and social funding & realize the potential behind our cause.

Community :

Inspiring our generation to adopt a socially & environmentally sustainable lifestyle. The power is in you, imagine the GOOD you can do.

Kites Workshop was founded in 2015 and was operational for one year supporting Nepal community.

Our Products

Here at Kites Workshop Apparel, one of our priority is to create and maintain a strong relationship between the creators, the makers, and YOU. We take pride in making sure you are informed & proud of each purchase you make at KWA. Being an open book when it comes to our practices is a necessity to us. This is why we’d like to answer these very simple questions you might have !

The Collection

KWA brings natural apparel to a hole new level; we wanted to create a raw product, something practically made out of dirt (in a good way). We designed our entire collection keeping sustainability strictly in mind. With this goal, we set to create apparel using 100% natural fabrics. We either work directly alongside a trusted manufacturer sharing our exact same practices to produce garment patterns or hand-make everything at our workshop. All of our materials are either hand-weaved without mixture of other fabric thread containing added chemicals (such as : spandex, nylon, polyester). Our apparel contain no plastic or metals such as zippers or clips. Instead, the apparels bits are made using natural materials such as wood & bamboo.

Our fabrics materials include : Organic Cotton, 100% cotton canvas, organic hemp, Bamboo Knit, Banana Thread, Soy Bean Thread, natural wool.

Chemical Free / Plastic & Metal Free / Ethically Correct


We take inspiration from the colour pallets surrounding us which be traditional architecture, dress patterns or nature sceneries (especially himalayan mountains).
The dying process is 100% natural, using natural ingredients & traditional methods to attain any specific colours we are inspired by. We can achieve these colours using raw ingredients mixing fruits & spices. Check out this video we made explaining these methods :)

Our Product Goal : To create a collection of colourful & geometrically interesting apparels using strictly organic materials & environmentally friendly practices while reflecting the beautiful scenery & culture of Nepal.

MANUFACTURING PROCESS : Social equality & environmental sustainability, It is our responsibility to bring you a quality sustainable product