On December 2014, we delivered 512 hats, loads of sport and learning equipment to a rural school in the mountains. They had never seen a tourist westerner and where completely unaware of our arrival and mission.

One of our favourite memories is arriving to a few kids playing with a flat soccer balls. A few hours later giving them 10 brand new balls with pumps and tape to fix them. We quickly organized a game and they insisted for us to play with them at around 2500m.After our stay, we trekked through the himalayan mountains conducting research on how, where and whom we could help and maximize our future impact!

Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contiguous.


Gabriel Carriere

In December of 2014, one of my best mate Simon and I travelled over 800km across Nepal from the capital Kathmandu to a small district in the middle-west named Sanigaun. Our mission was brutally simple : we had to deliver winter hats, school supplies and medications to 500 kids living in one of the poorest and highest area on earth.

This video made by Gabriel