In April 2015, I have been living in Nepal for the past 6 months, working as a social entrepreneur. Saturday 25 April at approximately 11:55, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake shook the country, followed by a strong aftershock 6.7 magnitude on Sunday 5:00 am and over 43 shakes as of now. A hundred kilometres away from my location is the epicentre, in the district of Gorka, Nepal.

My Nepalese friends and I raised money to go out with jeeps and give provisions to the flattened villages of the district. I have many friends whose entire houses have been flattened and are left with nothing. We strongly believe the situation is worse than what is currently apparent.

I started a website called (now closed) and 72 hours after our team was in the epicentre of the quakes as first responders delivering immediate medical attention, distribution of food and temporary community shelter for 10 days.

Since then multiple mission have been taken around Nepal, in some of the districts where 95% of structures are down. Our long term plan was to work with families to rehabilitate them, in order to empower them all the way to sending their kids back to school.