I've heard countless tales about your beauty & hidden treasures long enough. Im turned my dreams into reality & venturing out to see you myself. I say it's about time I get lost in your land & title you my great Canadian Adventure.

September, 2015

The road trip closing to a end as we approach Vancouver and drive the last few miles of our cross country trip, we've debated what was the most memorable moment.But, these adventures, they're not just points on a map, they're a set of experiences and moments that you capture, cherish and grow from.I am incredibly fortunate to have been able to share this experience with my dad and thats what this trip will always be for me. I mean I will never forget waking up in our small tent with frost on our faces or going to bed while being surrounded by a herd of elks.See, this adventure might be coming to a end but I strongly believe to live everyday like its your last so with a quick weekend to recouperate, I'll be flying to nepal monday and start a new adventure.