Amplified Whispers is an immersive narrative for social advocates. In every volume, we escape to a new country seeking answers in local culture to inspire & activate change globally.

First Edition: Coming Early 2019

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Chapter 01: Nepal

Our first narrative explores the vast lands of the Himalayas in the country of Nepal. We’ve pledge to invest 100% of our profits from chapter one into connecting remote schools in Nepal to the internet facilitating the development of the students academic and creative growth.

Editorial Focus

Exclusively photographed and curated by our team, our print will bring adventure and exploration to life by focusing on 3 areas of editorial.


We, 7 going on 8 billion people, are becoming one global community aware of ourselves as one population living on one planet. We want to document communities around the world that especially operate collectively and dignify labour. We want to understand how leaders lead, innovators innovate and teachers teach. We want to know the purposes in people’s lives they find worthy.


We connect the global community to a regional culture. We bring the past to the future; learning from traditions, from time honored knowledge, from what works. We want to tell the story of a people’s sustainability, of a culture’s value to the global whole. We amplify local identity, local culture for global meaning.


For the past century, earth has been placed in overdrive. Humanities needs are demanding. We seek to portray the fragility of ecosystems and the responses to resource degradation and climate change. Through the authenticity of local voices, we convey the local stories of those affected and their efforts at maintaning their environment, their way of life and its beauty.