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I'm the creator & producer of Amplified Whispers and the founder of Kites Workshop.

Make our world a better place, be good & do good!

Amplified Whispers


Broadcasting unheard stories from any remote location


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Kites Workshop


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Let's celebrate the power of stories & how we improve lives around the world as a community.

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Amplified Whispers - The Good Archives

The Good Archives is a behind the scenes series that aims to bring you along as we produce the first edition of Amplified Whispers Magazine. During 100 days, we’ll venture through Nepal, documenting the people, culture and environment.

Episode 01 aims to put in the spotlight the makers, artists and creatives of Nepal.

Episode 02 brings you to Mardi Himal, a spectacular trek in the Annapurna region.

SoundCloud Podcast Episode

Recently had the opportunity to explore Bali, Indonesia & record conversations with individuals who are pushing towards sustainability both on the island & globally. I've edited it together into 5 part series called "Conscious Conversation - The Bali Sessions". If you're passionate about doing good in business or simply being a conscious consumer, I promise it'll be worth the listen.

Note your calendars, first episode will be released September 15th.

Toms Video

In Sydney to shoot a short film for @tomsaustralia, last month TOMS launched a Pop Up at Westfield Bondi Junction. All retail profits from the TOMS Pop Up were donated to Westfield Bondi Junction’s community partner, Holdsworth. Thank you to everyone involved and we are so excited that we were able to create such a positive outcome for the local community.

TOMS - Bondi Popup3 from TOMS Australia on Vimeo.

Social Mission

One year ago today marks a very special day. The day Gabriel Carrière and I got rescued by helicopter from being stranded in the western himalayan range. Since then my life has never been the same. So, to honour this milestone, I have an announcement.

Today I am launching www.kitesworkshop.com and our very first product "The Do Good Notes". Kites Workshop has been one year in the making and I'm thrilled to announced that we are now open for business !

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The Himalayan Blue

The Yeti Sessions

An Australian busker and a Canadian entrepreneur will climb in Spring 2017 a 6,000 meter himalayan peak to record the worlds highest EP while using funds collected from their documentary sales to establish a mobile musical classroom to bring creative education to remote regions of Nepal.

Lobuche East

Altitude 6145m

Coordinations, 27 57'34.2



King & Why: Not your average entrepreneur magazine - King Altruist Simon Carriere

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My Story: A short PDF presentation

Jumla - Social Mission

On December 2014, we delivered 512 hats, loads of sport and learning equipment to a rural school in the mountains. They had never seen a tourist westerner and where completely unaware of our arrival and mission. One of our favourite memories is arriving to a few kids playing with a flat soccer balls. A few hours later giving them 10 brand new balls with pumps and tape to fix them. We quickly organized a game and they insisted for us to play with them at around 2500m.

After our stay, we trekked through the himalayan mountains conducting research on how, where and whom we could help and maximize our future impact!

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If would you like to help to make our world a better place, donations are welcome